Signals of the future

What will be on the local government agenda in 2027?

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For some years, local government has been focused on battling the acute challenges facing their communities.

With councils' attention on the here and now, it can be hard for local leaders to find the time and space to consider potential solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. However, while the wider discussion about a long-term vision for local democracy has taken a step back lately, its significance remains.

Signals of the future: horizon scanning for local government

Against this backdrop, and to once again bring the long-term into focus, the LGA worked with Ipsos to conduct a horizon scan: what new issues will be on the local government agenda in 2027?

By offering some signals of how the future might look in five years’ time, the report allows leaders to consider the steps and policies needed to mitigate possible threats and capitalise on future opportunities - helping them move towards the future they would want to see.

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