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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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COVID-19 case studies

Councils are doing remarkable work to address the challenges brought by coronavirus. Good council practice related to the COVID-19 outbreak can be found on our dedicated web hub.

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Providing men at risk of suicide with emotional support and advice with employment, housing, and financial difficulties.

The Hope service provides psychosocial and practical support for men aged 30–64 who are at risk of suicide, advising them in relation to any money, employment, benefit, or housing problems they may identify.

Responding to cost of living challenges: Blackpool Council

An interview with Dr Arif Rajpura, Director of Public Health, Blackpool council.

Responding to cost of living challenges: Leicester

An interview with Professor Ivan Browne, Director of Public Health, Leicester City Council.

Responding to cost of living challenges: Lincolnshire

An interview with Director of Public Health (Greater Lincolnshire) Professor Derek Ward

Responding to cost of living challenges: Newham

An interview with Jason Strelitz, Corporate Director for Adults and Health, London Borough of Newham.

Responding to cost of living challenges: North Yorkshire

An interview with Louise Wallace, Director of Public Health, North Yorkshire Council.

Responding to cost of living challenges: Swindon

An interview with Professor Steve Maddern, Director of Public Health, Swindon Borough Council.

Responding to cost of living challenges: Walsall

An interview with Stephen Gunther, Director of Public Health, Walsall Council.

Gorton, Manchester: Improving public service delivery through co-location and integration

The Gorton Hub provides a one-stop-shop for residents to access a range of health and social care services, employment support and more.

Halton, Cheshire: A hospital outpatient hub located in a shopping centre

Halton Health Hub allows local residents to arrange appointments for their ophthalmic, audiology and dietetics needs.