Design in the public sector programme

Delivered in partnership between the LGA and Design Council, the Design in Public Sector programme (DIPS) equips councils with design skills and methods to apply to their toughest local climate challenges and most ambitious aspiration or mission.

Climate change hub

The aims of the Design in the Public Sector Programme are to:

  • Build cross-sector partnerships that collaboratively explore climate challenges locally to generate demonstrator projects
  • Build design skills and capabilities within the council and across partners, to reduce the impact of climate change, through mitigation or adaptation
  • Deliver an accelerated learning experience for local authorities
  • Create new insights and evidence to generate solutions
  • Enable new ways of working with partners and stakeholders
  • Create a community of practice around climate action across the sector sharing best practice, insight and key learning
  • To use the evidence and insight generated around climate action to inform policy recommendations

Funded by the LGA, delivered by Design Council, to date, the programme has supported 70 local authority led teams and over 350 public sector leaders to address multiple service challenges across all English regions.

Further information

For an informal discussion about the Design in the public sector programme, please contact: