Board appointments 2022/23

The Labour Group holds elections for Group officers and regional representatives every year following the annual election cycle.

The Labour Group holds elections for Group officers and regional representatives every year following the annual election cycle. The current Group officers for 2022/23 can be found here.

Labour appointments to LGA member structures

Labour Group appointments to LGA member structures are reviewed each year by the elected group officers.

Appointments are made to:

All Labour Councillors on LGA member councils are eligible to self-nominate for the roles. If you wish to self-nominate, please read the role descriptions and board descriptions, and then complete the self-nomination form, remembering to obtain the consent of your group leader, and return it to

Appointments are made by Group Officers, using the principles outlined below:

Labour Group Appointment Principles

Our boards and panels team should:

  • represent the best that local government has to offer
  • be representative of local government
  • be credible both to Labour Councils and to national politicians.

Labour’s position in local government is changing rapidly. In 2009 Labour controlled just over 30 councils, but Labour is now in control of over 120 councils. In that same time our number of councillors has increased from 4000 to over 6000. We must make sure that as a group we are keeping up with the changes that are happening on the ground.

We need to maintain the integrity of the LGA Labour Group at all times. Therefore the process for making appointments needs to be fair and transparent.

These are the principles that the Labour Group officers must apply:

1. Our team of councillors have to reflect the political realities on the ground and respect local democratic decision making

Our appointments should:

  • have more councillors in power
  • particular attention should be given to council leaders
  • ideally be cabinet members or shadow cabinet members (With exception of Fire Authorities where members need to be senior members of FAs)
  • reflect the regional balance of our councillors.

2. A commitment to fairer representation

We should at least match the proportion of women and ethnic minority councillors as there amongst all Labour Councillors and should improve on it.

3. Our appointments should involve as many councils as possible

We should have no more than two councillors per authority.

4. Our appointments should maintain the reputation of Labour in local government

Our appointments on relevant boards should not come from authorities that services are subjected to restrictions for poor performance or have serious reputation problems on that particular service.

5. Re-appointments should take into consideration performance and attendance of the councillor over the past year

6. Appointments should only go to councillors from authorities that are in full membership of the LGA

Councillors from authorities that are on notice to leave the LGA should not receive places.

For further details about LGA Labour Group elections and appointments, please contact Martin Angus, political assistant to the LGA Labour Group.