About us

For the Liberal Democrats, local government is key – localism, community politics, devolved power are all hallmarks of the Liberal Democrat approach.

We have a strong and proud tradition in local government, with just over 2,500 councillors in England and Wales and just over 2,600 across the UK. Our Group at the LGA plays a major role in the organisation. We are the persistent defenders of local democracy, arguing that what a local community can do for itself is best left to that community, without interference from central government. We also carry this message to Government and the wider world.

The LGA is a politically balanced organisation, with each of the political groups allocated places throughout the structure in proportion to the number of people their councillors represent. The new proportions are Conservatives 38.8 per cent, Labour 38 per cent, Lib Dem 12.5 per cent, and Independents 10.7 per cent.

We are very active within the LGA on lobbying, media work and identifying and promoting best practice and also within the Liberal Democrats local government family. We have a very strong working relationship with ALDC (Association of Liberal Democrats Councillors and Campaigners), the Federal Party where appropriate and also our MPs and peers.