Meeting your organisation’s needs

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Developing talent within your existing workforce

There is an option for existing members of your staff to apply to, and if successful, join the ngdp programme whilst remaining with your organisation. This can be a great way to develop staff who you see a real potential in, but who might not otherwise get the opportunity to fast-track their career in the way the ngdp allows.

They would apply to the programme and go through all the regular assessment stages. If successful – passing all the stages any other candidate would – they are then allocated automatically to your organisation and your organisation only.

As with other ngdp recruits, you would need to pay them the minimum salary (though you can pay more if their existing salary was higher) and ensure they get the minimum of three placements across the organisation. They then get the benefit of fast-tracking their career in your organisation, as well as joining a national cohort of approximately 150 other graduates, plus benefiting from our bespoke learning and development programme.

Recruiting talented graduates from your local area who might otherwise move away

We can work with you to agree a definition of what ‘local’ means to you (i.e. someone who has grown up in the borough, or has lived or worked there for a certain period of time), and help you recruit candidates who specifically fit that bill.

We would work with you to advertise to your local community and attract your local candidates. Those who apply through this route would go through all the regular assessment stages – meaning if successful, they’re of the same high calibre as all the other recruits – however they would be earmarked for your organisation only.

Once on the programme, your local graduates would still benefit from being part of the national ngdp cohort and learning and development programme.

Filling gaps in key parts of the organisation

Whilst we ask organisations to ensure a minimum of three placements over two years for their graduates, it is entirely up to you where you put their talent to use.

Other participating councils have fixed placements in high demand areas, such as housing, social care, children’s services and regeneration. Others place the graduates on fast-paced transformation projects that require new ideas and agile thinking. It’s really up to you. You can shape the programme around the needs of your organisation.

Finding a value for money way to deliver high calibre recruitment

The work the LGA does for organisations participating in the ngdp is highly subsidised.

We run a comprehensive, multi-stage recruitment for you, specifically designed around the needs of our sector. By the time we ask you to interview gradates, you will be seeing only the highest calibre, public-sector minded graduates. We whittle down from a large national pool (over 7,500 applicants at the first stage in 2020/21) to only the brightest and best.

We also commission a high calibre national learning and development programme, covering all the key components an aspiring public sector manager. The graduates get access to networks and contacts it would be difficult for a smaller scale scheme to achieve.

We deliver the bulk of the administration of the programme. We give you support and advice to develop your graduates, and bring you into a network of partner organisations all sharing tips and knowledge on developing the talent of the future.

Attracting a diversity of candidates to your council

Attracting candidates from a national pool means that we can attract candidates that might not normally have links to your local area, or might not normally hear about your organisation. We work with many universities up and down the country to promote the programme as an option for graduates, and we work hard to attract candidates from all backgrounds. We take steps every year, and at all stages of the programme, to ensure we are as diverse a programme as possible.

View our latest blog post on diversity within the NGDP

Working collaboratively with partner councils to attract talent

Some smaller organisations worry that they will not have a broad enough range of placements to offer graduates, or the internal capacity to meet their needs. If this is a concern, it is possible to host graduates jointly with a partner council to share the responsibility. This might be a county/district partnership, more than one smaller council working together, a council and a fire authority, or any other grouping, so long as you agree with us how you’d like it to work.

We will also work with fire and transport authorities as well as combined authorities and city regions

Whilst our main partners are councils, other types of local authority can take part too. We are already working with both a transport authority and a combined authority. Talk to us about how it could work for you.