What is expected of my council?

Stuart from Sutton (ngdp)

In order to attract top talent and ensure you get the best fit for your authority, we ask councils to:

  • Promote the ngdp to raise the profile of the programme locally and attract a diverse and talented pool of candidates.
  • Conduct a local interview at the end of the recruitment process. At this stage the candidates will have been through a rigorous series of assessments, but we want to give you the opportunity to ensure they are the best fit for your council.
  • Employ national management trainees on a minimum two-year fixed term contract.
  • Pay national management trainee salaries at national local government spinal column point (SCP) 20 (which was £25,991 excluding London Weighting at the time of publication).
  • Nominate a member of staff to be the placement coordinator for the programme, once the council’s national management trainee(s) is in place.
  • Organise a minimum of three placements for each national management trainee over the two years.

Here at the LGA we will:

  • Annually subsidise the programme on behalf of councils in England
  • Market the programme to high-calibre graduates across the UK
  • Assess candidates’ suitability through a rigorous and established multi-stage recruitment process
  • Support councils to access and market themselves to candidates
  • Fund and organise a national programme of learning, development and networking.