Becoming a peer for children’s services

Find out how to become a member of our children’s services peer challenge teams.

How do I apply to become a member of a Children’s Services Peer Challenge team?
If you would like to become a member of our children’s services peer challenge teams (a peer), please email and she will be able to advise you of the next available training dates and book a place for you.

Expression of interest form

Please ensure that you have your line managers approval to be released to attend the training and to participate in one peer challenge per year.

What happens at the two day training event?
The first part of day one is spent going through the process of a peer challenge.  The remainder of day one and all of day two involves the delegates carrying out a mock peer challenge. Support is provided by the LGA officers facilitating the training. There are opportunities to engage in a focus group and an interview with a Director of Children’s Services as well as delivering the final presentation. Feedback from previous participants has been very positive.

Where are the training days held?
The training events are normally held at Warwick University in their business facilities. They are of a very high standard and the overnight accommodation, meals and refreshments are all provided by the LGA. The LGA do not cover the cost of transport to and from Warwick University.

What happens after the training event?
We will ask you to complete an expression of interest (EOI) form. This is like a mini CV and includes information on your experience related to the peer challenge. We will then add you to our database of peers. When we agree a peer challenge with a council, we identify the skills and knowledge required by the peer team. If you are matched, a member of the LGA team will contact you to check your availability for the dates of the challenge. If you are available we then share your profile with the council to ensure they are happy with the proposed peer challenge team. An LGA challenge manager is appointed and they will then work closely with the team to ensure everything is ready. They will be onsite to support you during the challenge and will be responsible for writing the final report.