Council improvement and peer support

This page connects to LGA Peer Support — which includes peer challenges, Remote Peer Support and bespoke peer support — and our research and benchmarking offer, including LG Inform.

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We offer a range of resources and tools to provide councils with support and challenge to improve.

Regional improvement networks provide dedicated ongoing regional support, peer support and intelligence gathering through an extensive network of principal advisers, regional teams, member peers and political group offices. 

The LGA’s peer support offer provides councils with a unique opportunity to engage with peers who have current or previous experience in the sector and provide challenge, support and guidance on specific areas or issues. 

Our improvement support is further underpinned by a research and benchmarking offer, including LG Inform, which provides councils with unrivalled access to over 7,000 data items and the ability to compare performance against other councils.  

Further information about these elements of the sector support programme can be accessed on the pages below.