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Our team regularly provides training courses, workshops and events for councillors and officers.

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We host a range of events and training for the sector across the cyber, digital and technology programme including webinars, roundtables, masterclasses and workshops. You can find information on this page about upcoming events and resources from past events. If you would like to be notified of our future events, please subscribe to our bulletin where we list all upcoming events.


Training courses and workshops

Keep checking our page for upcoming training courses and workshops



Digital Showcase Conference 2023: Spotlight on local government digitalisation outcomes (21 March 2023, 10.00am-4.45pm)

This all-day online showcase will spotlight innovative work councils are undertaking across our 12 local government digitalisation outcomes. We will also launch a brand-new digitalisation almanac for local government which contains simple steps, practical examples and recommended reading to support those new to local government digitalisation and those looking to build on their existing knowledge. Join us by signing up on our event page.

Cyber Security Scrutiny Guide Launch Event: 10 Questions on Cyber Security with CfGS (27 March 2023, 10.30am-12.00pm)

Please join us online to officially launch the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny (CfGS) and LGA’s scrutiny guide for cyber security.

This 10-question guide does not seek to produce a single, set blueprint for scrutiny of cyber security. It instead aims to provide guidance as to how good governance and scrutiny within local councils can engender a positive culture surrounding cyber security, focusing on how there needs to be an understanding that it is an organisational-wide concern and that cyber threats are continually evolving.

This event will include an overview of the guide from CfGS and the LGA, followed by a panel discussion to break down it’s purpose across council roles, promoting broader cyber security initiatives.

Who should attend:

  • Councillors sitting on scrutiny committees
  • Officers that support them
  • Cyber security professionals within authorities

Register to attend by completing our sign-up form.


E-learning courses

Embedding cyber resilience in local government supply chains

Our free e-learning course on embedding cyber resilience in local government supply chains is based on the principles laid out by the NCSC. The course aims to help councils embed greater cyber resilience in their procurement processes and supply chains. The learning materials are tailored to anyone with a role at any stage of the procurement cycle. The e-learning modules provide a comprehensive educational experience that is designed to maximise information retention through questions based on the information introduced and relevant examples of local government procurement.


Past events

Maximising Security and Compliance Features from Microsoft 365 E3 license

The LGA hosted two webinars featuring speakers from Microsoft who shared top tips about maximising security and compliance features from councils’ existing Microsoft 365 license. The first webinar focused on E3 licenses and the second focused on E5 licenses and provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions directly to Microsoft. You can access the recording from both sessions below.

Maximising Security and Compliance Features from Microsoft 365 E3 license

Maximising Security and Compliance Features from Microsoft 365 E5 license

Roundtable: What are the opportunities for local government to boost participation, consultation, and engagement in project planning and local policy making through digital democracy?

This roundtable discussion brought together democratic services officers across the sector to reflect on the answers to this question. The delegates discussed learnings from the past two years since COVID-19 and shared insights about their experiences in adopting digital tools, the resources needed to adopt digital tools including staffing or technology and setting digital cultures within their councils to maximise the impact of digital tools to boost local democracy.

Read the summary blog from the discussion.

Transformation network roundtable: Learnings and opportunities from hybrid working

Coming out of the pandemic many organisations were keen to harness the benefits of hybrid working, but were also acutely aware of the need to ensure workforce wellbeing. This roundtable reflected on the learnings from the past two years and shared insights into how councils are moving forward, adapting their strategies to build resilience in the future and create a place where people can live, work, and study.

Read the summary blog from the discussion.

Digitalisation councillor masterclasses: Exploring the 12 outcomes of local government digitalisation

Are you a councillor with a portfolio for cyber or digital? Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about how digitalisation can deliver transformative services for the benefit of your local communities?

Following on from our Leadership Essentials two-day programmes, we are hosting four deep dive half day masterclasses for councillors to explore the 12 outcomes of digitalisation. It will provide councillors with the skills, tools, and knowledge to lead and engage with their council’s digitalisation journeys. It is suitable for those new to digitalisation and those looking to build on their existing knowledge.

LGA webinar – Cyber security and the crisis communications response (6 February 2023)

A cyber incident in a council has the potential to cause significant disruption and seriously impact the lives of individuals and communities. What, how, when and to whom should information about the incident be communicated internally and externally?

Our cyber security and the crisis communications response webinar will feature speakers talking about communication risks and the realities of responding to a crisis.