Digital tools and solutions enable councils to improve service design and delivery, to better meet the needs of their residents and improve productivity.

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As councils face the twin challenges of decreasing funding and increasing demand, they have to find new ways of using technology to deliver services more effectively and enable their staff and members to work in new ways, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
Councils are aware of the potential of digital and are already exploiting it, to enable their residents, businesses, to self-serve and enable staff and members to operate more effectively while out of the office and as a result help reduce the council’s own operational costs.
The LGA works with councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice on issues that impact the sector, as well as on national programmes of transformation. 
The LGA directly supports the work of councils on their digital transformation journeys and this hub will offer resources and guidance on implementing change to further digital improvement for the sector.

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We are interested in hearing about any digital projects that your council is running. Please e-mail details of your projects to so that we can promote your work and share learning to councils across the country.