Win-Win: a study into the impact of mediation within local government

This research has been undertaken to assess the current use of mediation within local authorities across the UK.

It is the first attempt to evaluate the use of this new approach and the data is fascinating. The use of mediation is widespread with over 90 per cent of local authorities now using mediation regularly to resolve disputes, grievances and other conflicts.

Sarah Messenger, Head of Workforce at LGA wrote:

The LGA welcomes the research finds and recognise that this is an area of growing interest for local government and other public sector employers.

We support the use of mediation within local government as an effective means of resolving complaints, managing change and handling workplace disputes.

There are also potential savings to be gained by using workplace mediation primarily by avoiding expensive internal grievance procedures or employment tribunals. However, less quantifiable benefits may also be realised by the creation of improved employee relations climate which can lead to increased productivity. In addition, mediation can be a key element in the overall package of measures that local authorities are using to improve employee engagement.