Pre-application advice and Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs)

We are very pleased to be able to inform you that PAS has appointed the University of GloucestershireHyas and the Countryside and Community Research Institute as our partners to deliver a DLUHC funded programme on best practice in pre-application advice and PPAs.  The work will consist of the following elements:

1.  A PPA template structure that can be used by any LPA and be adapted to form the basis of an agreement with an applicant.

2.  An on-line best practice and lessons learnt guide for LPAs who are undertaking PPAs and other pre application discussions. 

3.  A comprehensive on-line manual that sets out a national review of pre application fees charged across the country, outlining  benchmark charging rates and the range of services provided.  LPAs will then be able to use this manual to make informed decisions on their own charging rates

4.  A report detailing the consultant’s own conclusions on areas for change in the way PPAs and pre-applications operate in England and suggestions on how these changes can take place to provide better outcomes and improved customer experience.

5.  An updated version of the PAS guidance note on calculating pre app charges

6.  An updated guidance note on the key principles for delivering a good pre app service

Once the work is completed we will be holding a series of national workshops to help Councils use the new guidance and the existing guidance on our website will be replaced.

We have also set up a forum for Councils who are interested in finding out more about the work and acting as a sounding board as the work moves forward.  If you would like to join this forum please contact

While the new work is taking place please feel free to use our existing guidance as detailed below.