Upcoming Events

We have always been very proud of our events. They brought people together and allowed them time and space to think through new problems. For obvious reasons we are moving things online - using MS Teams for smaller workshops and Zoom for larger events. We are trying to keep things interactive so bring your questions and your creativity.  

Booking tickets via eventbrite

A few people are getting frustrated when booking tickets for events very late (sometimes even after they have started). For reasons we needn't go into just now, we are not using the automatic integration of Eventbrite and Zoom. This means that shortly before the event a human (who we call Steve) will send you your link. Shortly before the event starts Steve will be mucking in with the event and will not see any late orders. So - book tickets at least a day in advance if you want to be sure. 



GIS and digital skills

We have some short-term funding to build up the skills of planners. You will need to have QGIS installed and will be taken through a specially designed course for planners. There is an introduction and intermediate version - if there is widespread interest at your council see if we can put on a course for you and your neighbours. See more on the GIS event page