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A councillors' guide to tackling new psychoactive substances

Growing numbers of councils have been calling for greater powers to tackle the sale of new psychoactive substances (NPS), also known as ‘legal highs'. The availability of NPS has expanded over recent years and local perceptions that NPS are an increasing problem are backed up by a range of information suggesting a substantial rise in the number of deaths associated with their use.

Cyber security a councillor's guide cover image

A councillor’s guide to cyber security

Cyber security is crucial to ensuring services are kept up and running and to ensuring the public's trust in councils with their information. A cyber attack could have very serious consequences - disrupting services and damaging a council’s reputation. Healthy cyber security is key to the efficient and productive running of every council.

Accessing support: the role of the voluntary and community sector during COVID-19 COVER

Accessing support: the role of the voluntary and community sector during COVID-19

The purpose of this document is to provide councils and their community and voluntary sector partners with a briefing on the role and contribution of the community and voluntary sector and the use of volunteers in local and national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adult safeguarding and domestic abuse: a guide to support practitioners and managers: Second edition

The purpose of this guide is to help staff to give better informed and more effective support to people who need an adult safeguarding service because of domestic abuse.

Community Cohesion 10.3 front cover

Building cohesive communities

Cohesive communities are about more than just preventing or addressing unacceptable behaviour and hate crime.

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Code of Practice for councils responding to civil claims of non-recent child sexual abuse

This Code of Practice has been produced in response to a recommendation from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) as part of its investigation into accountability and reparations for victims and survivors of abuse.

Community engagement on female genital mutilation

These case studies provide some examples of how councils and their partners have been working with women and girls to raise awareness of FGM.

Community safety survey 2016

The survey was conducted by the LGA's Research and Information team in October-November 2016 in order to gather information about how community safety partnerships (CSP)/county strategy groups (CSG) and councils' community safety services currently operate.

Councillor guidance on emergency response structures cover

Councillor guidance on emergency response structures

This short note has been produced as a supplement to our earlier Local Government Association (LGA) councillor guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak and sits alongside our new COVID-19 workbook for leaders and cabinet members.

Councillor guide to tackling modern slavery COVER

Councillor guide to tackling modern slavery

This guidance is targeted specifically at councillors, and highlights the specific role that individual councillors can play in raising awareness of the issue and embedding work to tackle slavery within councils.

Build back local

To build back better, we must build back local.

Build back local: Building back better

Read the full 2021 LGA Annual Conference paper.


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