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Digital switch readiness survey 2022

In August 2022 the LGA and PCH’s Digital Switchover Working Group conducted a readiness survey to gauge councils’ position on awareness, planning, and implementation of the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

Using design to level up places

Using design to level up places

An evaluation of the Local Government Association's ‘Design Skills for Economic Growth’ Programme 2021/22

Front cover of creating resilient and revitalised high streets in the new normal report

Creating resilient and revitalised high streets in the ‘new normal’

Economics and strategy research consultancy, Pragmatix Advisory, and futures experts, Trajectory, were commissioned by the Local Government Association to identify how councils can help create resilient and revitalised high streets beyond the pandemic.

Public private partnerships report cover

Public-Private Partnerships: Driving Growth, Building Resilience

The LGA has commissioned Partnering Regeneration Development and Newbridge Advisors to produce this good practice guide. It aims to support councils to plan and establish more effective public-private partnerships, which can deliver the investment, development and services that are essential to boosting economic growth and recovery.

Supporting councils with business engagement report

Supporting councils with business engagement

The LGA commissioned Shared Intelligence to undertake research to identify and capture the learning from councils’ extensive contact with businesses over the last 18 months in the context of COVID-19. This report sets out how councils can engage more effectively with businesses in the future to support economic recovery.

empty shops front cover

Dealing with empty shops – a good practice guide for councils

This guidance is for councils faced with challenges around vacancy on their high streets and in their town centres and provides an overview of potential methods to tackle it.

Cllr guide to digital connectivity

A councillor's guide to digital connectivity

Digital connectivity is an all-encompassing term used to describe mobile or fixed connections to the internet. Being connected in this way has become part of the fabric of everyday life – as important to communities and businesses as a water, gas or electricity connection.

Infrastructure Act 2015 (Get in on the Act)

An introduction to the Act and further information on the Local Government Association (LGA) campaign work.