Timewise Councils Initiative

Reaping the benefits of flexible working.

Timewise Council Programme

In a time of unprecedented pressure on budgets and services, local authorities are keen to find ways of increasing the efficiency of their workforce, and help attract and retain talent.

We believe that one of the key tools that local authorities have to help with these challenges is flexible working. Increasing the opportunities for flexible working in your existing workforce, and offering it to new recruits, can help address some of today’s key public sector challenges such as:

  • attracting the best talent, particularly in difficult to attract professional roles
  • improving productivity and motivation of your current employees 
  • addressing your diversity and inclusion needs
  • making best use of modern technology to give people more control over how, when and where they work, and reduce your office estate
  • creating a more agile and adaptable workforce.

We also work public sector organisations who are interested in developing and growing jobs in their community.  Stimulating the local market to create more flexible and part time roles can help:

  • unblock career progression for low paid workers
  • tackle local labour market inequalities
  • deliver on economic regeneration priorities, such as inclusive growth. 

To help councils in that aim, the LGA has partnered with flexibility experts Timewise, a multi award-winning social enterprise business, to develop a programme of accreditation called the Timewise Council Programme. The programme is designed to help you put in place an improvement plan, based on your own particular workforce challenges, and to equip your HR team with the specialist expertise to deliver it.