The Advanced Commercialisation Group

The Advanced Commercial Group (ACG), set up in 2015, is a forum for councils already advanced in their thinking to discuss their approaches to commercialisation. The detail of how they have overcome barriers and issues in establishing their commercial activities, plus useful documents, are shared with the rest of local government.

The objectives of the ACG are to:

  • enable councils already advanced in their thinking to move further, faster
  • share different approaches to commercialisation to enable mutual learning
  • identify potential opportunities for brokering/negotiation of greater discounts on behalf of a wider group of councils (eg due diligence)
  • identify potential synergies/opportunities for collaboration/partnerships/joint ventures where appropriate
  • consider the development of a sector-led improvement offer for commercialisation, on a cost or cost plus basis.

ACG's Knowledge Hub group

The ACG meets quarterly, however discussions continue in between meetings in the ACG’s online Knowledge Hub group (Knowledge Hub is a digital collaboration platform for public services).

As well as being a place for colleagues working in the emerging area of commercialisation to share ideas and network, the group includes the agendas for past and upcoming ACG meetings and information about the LGA’s support to councils’ commercial activities.

To join in, simply request to join the ACG’s Knowledge Hub group.