Design in the public sector case studies

Browse through our case studies for different examples of our Design in the public sector programme.

These case studies are from previous 'Design in the public sector' programmes.

Adult Social Care

Customer access to adult social care - eligibility and type of support via online form
Coventry City Council | 2017

Helping older people maintain their independence
West Suffolk Council | 2017

Making applying for disabled adaptations easier
Braintree District Council | 2017

Children's Services

On the edge of care: Keeping vulnerable young people safely in the community
Brent Council | 2018

Enabling families to play a central role in developing, delivering and accessing support
Herefordshire Council | 2017

Identifying and providing early help to pre-school children and their families
Staffordshire County Council | 2017

Redesigning preventative services for childhood obesity
South Norfolk District Council | 2017

Creating an innovative staff culture

Building sustainability within the council
South Staffordshire Council | 2017

Encouraging staff to be more empowered
Devon County Council | 2017

Adur and Worthing Councils | 2017

Housing and homelessness

Improving outcomes for people in temporary accomodation
Redbridge Council | 2019

Accelerating housing delivery and creating a sustainable business model
South Kesteven District Council | 2018

Building networked services to support private tenants' health
Hackney Council | 2018


Helping residents build: Using design thinking to make planning applications more efficient
Brent Council | 2018

Public Health

Tackling smoking in pregnancy in Derbyshire
Derbyshire County Council | 2020

Supporting residents in temporary accommodation
East Sussex County Council | 2020

Increasing children's resilience to mental health issues
Maldon District Council | 2020

Using design to rethink our approach to work and skills
Adur & Worthing Councils | 2019

Re-thinking our health journeys
Design Council | 2019

Warm homes project
Cambridgeshire County Council | 2017

Redesigning frontline services to create efficiencies

Enhancing the customer's experience
South Somerset District Council | 2017

Giving customers access to 24hr service 
Teignbridge District Council | 2017

Redesigning customer-facing services for more efficiency
North Somerset Council | 2017