TIEx – facilitated sessions

Apply to get bespoke support from the LGA - first come first served.

Why use TIEx?

LGA's Transformation and Innovation Exchange (TIEx) is an online hub with good practice resources related to local government efficiency and innovation.

At its centre is our online self-assessment tool where users answer questions on where they feel their organisation is placed in areas such as leadership, use of staff, approach to change, managing income and spend, data and digital, procurement etc. Based on the result, the tool suggests useful further reading and resources to help the organisation on its innovation and transformation journey.

How is the TIEx self-assessment tool intended to work?

No one person has a full impression of such a complex organisation as a council, which is why the self-assessment is intended to be undertaken by several people offering their experience and view. 

Three step process

The process is intended to work in three steps:

1. A senior sponsor in the organisation (such as the chief executive) asks a group of senior officials to register and do the self-assessment individually. Each individual can look at their own results and get an overview of how they think their organisation is fairing in a number of areas, but they can’t see others’ responses.

2. The sponsor then convenes a get together of all participants to discuss the results. During this session, participants contribute their views and work to reach a single consensus self-assessment response. 

3. A so called 'super-user' is nominated to complete this consensus view in the presence of the others. The super-user has extra rights: he or she can see everyone’s individual responses, will be able to publish the official response for the organisation, and opt to share it more widely with other local authorities or even the general public.

Help to get started

To encourage take-up, the LGA is offering councils interested in the TIEx self-assessment a chance to apply for a facilitated session.

A representative, familiar with the improvement model at the centre of the tool, will visit your council and facilitate a review and discussion with the senior team and work towards a consensus view for the organisation.

Please note that the following criteria need to be fulfilled for your application to be considered:

  • A representative number of the senior team must take part
  • The self-assessment and review must take place before the end 2020
  • The organisation must be prepared to include assessments of all the sections of the improvement model
  • The organisation should be receptive to working with the LGA documenting a case study to assist wider promotion and take-up in the future.
If you feel a facilitated session would be helpful to get you started,
then please record your interest by writing to

Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis but will try to include all regions of the country and all types of local authority.