Rising to the public health challenge of COVID-19

In this year's public health annual report - 'rising to the challenges of COVID-19' we focus on the key pressures and challenges facing local public health teams - the responses they have made and some of the dilemmas they have faced over an unprecedented twelve months.

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This year's public health annual report fulfils the important role of witnessing and recording some of the vast range of work done by councils with their partners across the various stages of the pandemic, and also look forward to our priorities for the future.

As previous annual reports have shown, over these eight years public health developed its approaches, widened its tasks, and established strong partnerships.

This has contributed to the solid foundation of experience, knowledge, skills and relationships on which the local pandemic response is based.

Only by proper public health funding, and by collaborating with local and national organisations, working with communities, will we see people have longer, healthier, happier lives.